Human & Work, a universally focused human social responsibility

French Explorers’ Words highlight companies’ success stories abroad. They share their experience and advice for the next French Explorers. In today’s episode, David Mahé, Founder and President of a European consulting group Human & Work, explains how his company helps HR managers transform their business towards more inclusivity and social responsibility. 

Based in France, Human & Work has built a unique business model held by a diversity of work-experts: consultants, coaches, psychologists, sociologists whose mission is to improve the social impact of companies.  These human-specialists devote their time to accompany careers, encourage professional inclusivity, work-life balance and work ethics.  


A holistic combo of HR services 

Equality issues, executives coaching and psychological health in work environments compose the hybrid and complete services surrounding companies and their employees. More than ever, nowadays societal evolutions such as dealing with the Covid crisis impact on work, social conflicts and the increase of burn-out syndrome, have led David Mahé to question the key-role of companies facing daily human challenges, that also represent a universal matter, not limited to France. 


Universal and cross-boarders’ issues  

As human care at work concerns a universal and international topic, the leading consulting company has naturally expanded its wings worldwide. Starting with Canada, then Spain, Italy, and Germany, Human & Work has generated 21% of its turnover outside of France. This means an important growth that was mostly enabled by sky-rocketing partnerships with 113 countries. 

The company has conquered other markets and ultimately has expanded internationally thanks to Bpifrance solutions such as the International Accelerator and the export insurance solution. Beyond this, according to David Mahé, “Bpifrance is a network of well-intentioned people, who can help us make good strategic choices regarding international development.” 

Human & Work is also part of Bpifrance Excellence, a community that gathers the jewels of the French economy.  


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