Entrepreneurs can often feel lonely. Bpifrance helps them connect with other entrepreneurs through several services dedicated to networking. 


At Bpifrance, what motivates us the most is helping French businesses thrive. Because building relationships with other businesses is the key to growth, Bpifrance offers many services to encourage networking amongst entrepreneurs.

This can be via:
•    Business networks
•    Events
•    Dedicated online platforms
•    One to one business meetings

Bpifrance Excellence

Bpifrance Excellence is the network of the 5000 most high potential companies selected amongst our clients. It is also a label of excellence for our members. Being Bpifrance Excellence allows our members to take part in exclusive events such as networking dinners, conferences on strategic topics, as well as training sessions with sports clubs and coaching.  These events are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow through the sharing of experiences and knowledge and by meeting France’s top entrepreneurs. Bpifrance Excellence  also regularly organizes events with other entrepreneurial networks in order to open the business opportunities for our members.

Businesses who fall into this category can also network with one another on a dedicated digital platform called Tribu (“tribe”). Through this social network businesses are able, for example, to see upcoming Bpifrance Excellence events, search for other Bpifrance Excellence members through a directory and can ask to be put into contact with other members. 

  • 1000

    business connections made since January 2019

Who is it for?

These events are mainly organised for the benefit of Bpifrance Excellence clients but select events are also open to other businesses.  

Our partners

The FrenchFounders network is one of our main partners with which we organize close to 10 events in France and abroad.