Bank for French Entrepreneurs

Bpifrance helps stimulate French business’ growth by offering loans, providing guarantees and awarding buyer credit and supplier credit to encourage business abroad.

It finances over 80 000 companies and provided over 6000 investment loans and 50000 short term loans in 2018 with a total production of 19 billion euros. Bpifrance is also the innovation agency for entrepreneurs with 1,3 billion euros of innovation soft loans distributed to 6000 companies every year.

For French Companies


Acting alongside the banks to meet the financing needs of businesses


As an essential source of competitiveness, innovation is one of Bpifrance’s priorities, from supporting R&D to strengthening the capital of...


Bpifrance provides guarantees that open up financing for riskier projects

Direct Investment


The PSIM fund invests exclusively in firms which were recognised at the Concours Mondial d’Innovation, winning the competition in one...

Large Venture

Large Venture is a €1 Billion venture capital fund focused on fast-growing, capital intensive and highly promising innovative companies looking...

French Tech Acceleration Fund

The Team manages €300 million AUM focused on promising start-up studios, start-up accelerators and VC funds including an acceleration programme.

FAN fund

FAN is a venture capital fund focused on early-stage start-ups. It backs French digital technology start-ups with high growth potential...

F3A fund

F3A backs French digital technology start-ups with high growth potential aiming to become global market leaders.


Definvest is a specialized equity fund focused on start-ups and SMEs regarded as strategic for French armed forces equipment.

Cultural and Creative Industries

The cultural and creative industries fund invests minority stakes, ranging from €0.4 Million to €10 Million, in French companies in...

SPI fund

Ambition: to drive industrial projects that create activity and employment.


France Region Investment is a fund involving equity or quasi-equity, managed by teams located in the region and investing in...

Sector Investment Fund

The Sector Investment Fund (SIF) is a sector-specific fund investing in SMEs and ISEs linked to the rail, wood/furniture, ecological...

Mid Cap

The Mid Cap funds invest in most sectors through SMEs and ISEs with strong growth potential in order to create...

Large Cap

The Large Cap team invests and monitors investments in companies with a strong French presence, whether listed or unlisted ISEs...

France Tourism Investment

France Tourism Investment (FTI) is a sector-specific fund investing in SMEs linked to the tourism and leisure sector in order...

FAA Fund

The only capital development fund 100% dedicated to the automotive sector.

International Build-Up fund

The International Build-Up (FBI) Fund is the first investment fund dedicated to foreign corporate acquisitions with the aim of accelerating...