International Build-Up fund

The International Build-Up (FBI) Fund is the first investment fund dedicated to foreign corporate acquisitions with the aim of accelerating the transformation of French SMEs into international leaders through external growth operations.

International Build-Up fund


The FBI is a €200 million fund entirely subscribed by the SGPI (French Secretarial Office for Investment) and managed by Bpifrance.
Additionally, the FBI offers individualised support to SMEs in relation to the identification of targets, the study of acquisition opportunities, the selection of relevant advisors (due diligence, financial and legal structuring), the search for local investors, and the set-up of post-acquisition integration programmes, whenever required.

Who is it for?

The FBI supports French SMEs with revenue ranging from €20 million to €1.5 billion, throughout external growth operations of €10 million to €150 million. The FBI may co-invest €3 million to €30 million in equity.


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