Coach for Entrepreneurs

Bpifrance helps accelerate the growth of companies through accelerator programs, consulting services for executives and training for CEOs, events that encourage networking between entrepreneurs, and international missions to help businesses discover markets abroad. We have accelerated over 600 companies, organised over 1200 consulting missions and around 100 networking events for CEOs.

Accelerator programs

International accelerator

The International Accelerator, designed in partnership with Business France, aims to boost the export growth of companies that already have...

Sector accelerator

Bpifrance partners with industrial sectors to create acceleration programmes that meet the specific needs of an industrial sector

SME accelerator

The SME Accelerator is a customised acceleration programme created by Bpifrance to support the development of small- and medium-sized companies...

Startups accelerator

The startups accelerator is a customised acceleration programme for B2B startups, designed by Bpifrance to help french companies become the...

ISE accelerator

The ISE Accelerator is a customised acceleration programme for Intermediate-Sized Enterprises (ISEs), designed by Bpifrance to help French companies become...



    Because it is difficult to sustain growth in small and mid-size enterprises, Bpifrance’s consulting activity helps executives take the right...

    International expeditions

    International expeditions

    Bpifrance organises over 20 international expeditions per year so that French entrepreneurs with high growth potential can discover ecosystems abroad,...

    Training for CEOs


    The online training platform for entrepreneurs!

    In-person training

    Bpifrance Université offers customised training for business leaders. This training gives them the opportunity to work with their peers and...


    Find investors and partners

    Created by Bpifrance in 2008, EuroQuity is an online matchmaking platform that helps companies meet investors and partners. One key...


    Entrepreneurs can often feel lonely. Bpifrance helps them connect with other entrepreneurs through several services dedicated to networking