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Bpifrance Université offers free e-learning modules for business leaders to help them achieve their goals. Two new modules and two new webinars are added to the platform every month, along with quizzes, interactive case studies, interviews and country reports.
10 major topics are covered including: Finance, Strategy/Innovation, International Expansion and Digital Transformation.

Quote from the most recent satisfaction survey conducted in May 2019:

“Thanks for making these modules available online. I was able to learn about/deepen my knowledge of/address certain topics so I can put them to good use in my daily life. The approaches taken by the experts involved, while they could focus the analysis or lesson on the “school” part of the equation, have the advantage of actual experience and include the option of presenting a case study.
I also appreciated the improved quality (in my opinion) of the training materials in the most recent videos posted.”

 Who is it for?

For business leaders, to provide them with training and resources on all topics related to managing and growing their company.

How to benefit from this product or activity

The e-learning platform is free and open to anyone who registers: www.bpifrance-universite.fr

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