Because it is difficult to sustain growth in small and mid-size enterprises, Bpifrance's consulting activity helps executives take the right actions for controlled development, through the targeted support of consultants with experience dealing with the challenges that small and mid-size enterprises face



The Consulting Division provides consulting aimed at supporting small and mid-size enterprises in their growth and performance, while allowing their executives to take a step back from their issues.

The Consulting Division’s services focus on three major issues:
1.    Accelerating growth
2.    Increasing productivity
3.    Sustaining development

The Consulting team issues diagnostics on the company’s key areas. The current offering therefore includes 12 modules:

• The 360° diagnostic to target areas for growth
• The strategy to propel the company forward in the short and medium terms
• The organisation, HR, and management to involve employees and streamline decision-making
• Digital technology to drive the transition
• Industrial support to optimise operating efficiency
• Future-facing industry, for digitised factories and logistics
• The information system, to optimise the performance of tools
• International focus, to conquer the world
• Commercial focus, to boost its sales force
• Relationships with key accounts, to foster solid agreement
• Transmission and governance, to sustain the company
• External growth, for successful acquisitions.

Each assignment is carried out by a two-person team, consisting of a Bpifrance Consulting Manager and a specialised consultant. Assignments last 8-10 days over a course of 8-10 weeks and take place in three phases: kick-off, diagnostic, and closing and recommendation.

Bpifrance covers 50% of the cost of the assignment for companies it funds or in which it holds equity.

This unique model, developed internally, is based on two key aspects: service quality (supervised by the Bpifrance Consulting Manager) and consultant expertise (based on a demanding empowerment process). Additionally, at the end of an assignment, each client completes a questionnaire.

Who is it for?

The proposed solution is for any executive seeking support in developing business growth.

How to benefit from this product or activity

To take advantage of the services of the Consulting Division, the company must be a client or Bpifrance must have equity in it, be financially healthy, and have a strong growth outlook.

These companies are small and mid-size companies throughout France, in any sector, experiencing growth and posting annual revenues of €10 to 200 Million.

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