Sector accelerator

Bpifrance partners with industrial sectors to create acceleration programmes that meet the specific needs of an industrial sector

Sector accelerator


Bpifrance partners with industrial sectors to create acceleration programmes that meet the specific needs of an industrial sector. Although growth is still a fundamental objective, each sector partner can also have other concerns, such as sector consolidation, the push toward Industry 4.0, CSR, or circular economy challenges. Each programme is therefore adapted to the specifics of each partner sector.
Using a common model for accelerator programmes, the Sector Accelerator provides support for 12 to 24 months to companies selected for their growth potential and their development goals within their industrial sector. Designed in close collaboration with the sector partner, this customised programme relies on individualised consulting to identify growth priorities and to guide the company in its strategic thinking by identifying obstacles (360° diagnostic and consulting modules), providing group training through leading management schools selected with the help of the partner, and developing relationships in order to pave the way to growth opportunities and build motivation.

The programme’s goals include:
• Better understanding the sector’s specific challenges, establishing a strategy, and engaging in analysis with an aim to fund growth, grow internationally, hire and retain talent, prepare to pass on the business, and more

• Having discussions with experts and peers on how to start making necessary changes

• Thinking about strategy, particularly the company’s position in the value chain
• Group (organised sessions with major players in the sector) and individual (consulting) consulting by experts who know the company’s sector

Who is it for?

The Sector Accelerator is a customised programme, designed specifically to address the challenges facing a particular industrial sector, reserved only for companies within that sector.

How to benefit from this product or activity?

Companies are identified and selected jointly by Bpifrance and its sector partner based on growth and performance criteria.



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