SME accelerator

The SME Accelerator is a customised acceleration programme created by Bpifrance to support the development of small- and medium-sized companies seeking to grow with peace of mind and control their development effectively

SME accelerator


Funding is a major hurdle that businesses must overcome to meet their needs. But that’s not all! On top of the financial challenge, helping businesses grow is vital.

Offering advice and coaching to boost business growth is the role of Bpifrance’s accelerator programmes.

The first programme launched by Bpifrance in 2015, the SME Accelerator provides support to some 60 SMEs annually, selected for their growth potential. Over the course of the 24-month intensive programme, participating companies receive personalised support consisting of consulting tailored to the needs of SMEs and carried out by experienced consultants (360° diagnostic, themed consulting modules), training specific to issues facing SMEs (in-person and e-learning), and relationship building for peer discussions, networking, and building motivation.

The programme’s goals include:

• Identifying growth priorities
• Building quickly upon identified resources
• Encouraging strategic thinking
• Surrounding oneself with the right people to manage growth challenges
• Building a network of successful entrepreneurs

Who is it for?

The SME Accelerator is a customised programme for French SMEs with revenues of €10-50 Million and strong growth goals.

How to benefit from this product or activity

Companies meeting the criteria are identified and selected by the Business Manager of the Financing network and the Chief Investment Officers, under the supervision of the Regional Support Managers responsible for support in the area.

Alexandre Legros

A few figures


increase on average in French and export revenue for participants


of the SMEs from the first accelerators became SMEs


2020 Overview Export Division07-03-2022
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2020 Overview Expo…
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Authorization to distribute ES information07-03-2022
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Authorization to d…
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Appendix_Premium Calculation07-03-2022
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Appendix_Premium C…
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Buyer Credit Insurance07-03-2022
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Buyer Credit Insur…
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