Acting alongside the banks to meet the financing needs of businesses



Bpifrance proposes investment loans to companies of all sizes. Offering long term loans of 15 years or even more, Bpifrance’s funding helps companies acquire tangible equipment or property or movable assets via medium/long term loans or leasing. The loans are granted in close partnership with banks and in all cases they come in addition to an existing bank loan.
Bpifrance’s intervention, working alongside the banks, can be decisive in closing a financing plan. Indeed, when large investment projects are planned or in the presence of concentrated client receivables, the possibility for the banks to share both the outlay and the risks is a major factor in their decision to proceed. Bpifrance helps businesses to be more ambitious in their development projects, offering them a recognised high level of service backed by its keen knowledge of SMEs and its financial and sectorial expertise.
In addition to funds destined to finance investments, Bpifrance proposes unsecured loans to cover intangible expenditures and the increase in working capital requirements resulting from the launch of the programmes.

Who is it for?

By coming in alongside the banks to co-finance their investments, Bpifrance helps businesses to achieve their goals in their geographic area. Bpifrance prioritises very small businesses and small and medium sized businesses, who traditionally find it difficult to get financing due to their size or risk profile, and mid-cap companies. In addition Bpifrance has a special interest and expertise in the industrial, energy and tourism sectors.


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Since January 2017, Bpifrance Assurance Export, a subsidiary of Bpifrance, has been managing public export guarantees in the name, on...