Bpifrance celebrates 10 years of supporting French SMEs

juillet 04, 2023

As part of Bpifrance’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Bpifrance organised an event on 31 May to mark 10 years of support for French SMEs, including a major conference on « NPBIs: what role in a changing world? ».

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HealthTech: French companies tap into data and AI to become world leaders in medical innovation 

mai 30, 2023

Digital health is a booming sector, with the use of artificial intelligence and data-powered technologies growing among healthcare professionals and facilities. These tech solutions are expected to play a central part in building the future of medicine: delivering more personalized care, detecting pathologies at early stages, reducing care expenses, and empowering patients.

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Exploring Business Opportunities in East Africa: A Growing Economic Hub

mai 17, 2023

East Africa presents numerous business opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world. The region is made up of several dynamic countries, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi, which are rapidly developing economically and offering exciting prospects for businesses.

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Bpifrance’s Exporting solutions made it to Colombia  

avril 13, 2023

Bpifrance’s Export Finance Department is delighted with the signing of its first two export credit contracts in Colombia, both signed in 2022.

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Investment support: the European InvestEU program is now launched in France

février 17, 2023

Mobilizing more than 370 billion euros of investment in the European Union by 2027, thus the objective of the InvestEU program. Its French version was presented on January 27th at a launch event held at the French Ministry of Economy.

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The Franco-Italian Accelerator program: promoting Franco-Italian business relationships

janvier 24, 2023

In December 2021, Bpifrance, the Team France Export and the and Elite launched the first Franco-Italian Accelerator for SMEs and midcaps. It aims to develop cross-border synergies through innovative solutions.

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4 indicators that speak for France’s international outreach in 2022

janvier 16, 2023

2022 had its share of uncertainties but some sectors were able to bring light on France’s economy. From Global growth to reindustrialization, let’s look back on some key figures of the past year and welcome 2023 with the same French panache.

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The Industrial Startups and SMEs Plan, the plan for France’s reindustrialization  

décembre 01, 2022

Announced on January 19th 2022, the and Industrial Startups and SMEs Plan was later launched with the objective of creating 100 new industrial sites per year by 2025, in hopes to give a lasting impetus to French reindustrialization. 

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Cybersecurity: Bpifrance supports French companies in the fight against cybercrime

novembre 18, 2022

With the digital transition’s acceleration in companies, cybercrime keeps increasing as well. Companies being more and more exposed to cyber-attacks, Bpifrance has made cybersecurity as one of its top priority to help entrepreneurs prepare themselves against them.

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Africa-France cooperation: How Choiseul Africa Business Forum highlights African and European leaders on the international stage

novembre 09, 2022

Held on October 19th and 20th, 2022 in Casablanca, held for the first time abroad, the Choiseul Africa Business Forum gathered among the most influential African and European decision makers and economic leaders to discuss Africa’s big economic challenges.

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