Women’s entrepreneurship: what is the situation in 2024 ?

juin 12, 2024

According to the 4th edition of the French entrepreneurial index conducted by OpinionWay, 3 out of 10 French women are engaged in entrepreneurial activities in 2024.

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Call to projects : France continues to invest in Deeptech

mai 23, 2024

The French government and Bpifrance are supporting new universitary research in the Deeptech field.

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The French success story fueled by European subsidies

The French success story fueled by European subsidies

mai 16, 2024

Bpifrance’s new advertising campaign calls for conversations around European subsidies and programs aimed at supporting entrepreneurs. Big Media talks with Jean-Baptiste Lucas, CEO of McPhy, which has benefited from such subsidies.   McPhy, a specialist in hydrogen production and distribution equipment, is emerging as a major player in the worldwide deployment of this clean energy.…

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“La French Tech” turns 10: Take look back on 4 entrepreneurial success stories

novembre 09, 2023

In 2023, “La French Tech” counts 25,000 start-ups in its community, almost 30 unicorns, and an accelerating growth in sales and capital raising. To mark its tenth anniversary, here’s a glimpse at four of its greatest successes.

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Bpifrance celebrates Big’s 9th edition

novembre 07, 2023

This year again, Bpifrance held Europe’s largest business gathering. The 9th edition of Big on October 5th at the Paris Accor Arena. Top speakers, conferences, Networking sessions… Here are a few highlights of this exciting day and its thousands of participants.

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Another year of cooperations and signatures for the French public Bank for entrepreneurs

novembre 02, 2023

2023 marks another year of international cooperation and partnerships for Bpifrance all in favor of facilitating entrepreneurship.

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Semiconductors: The key to France’s industrial sovereignty?

octobre 25, 2023

The global race to produce semiconductors is on, as demand for these materials keeps rising in our increasingly digital society. France, in particular, is well positioned to become one of the leading players in the industry, with several innovative actors at the forefront.

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Futura Gaia growing strawberries

How Futura Gaïa designed a sustainable and innovative vertical farming solution to answer major food challenges

octobre 10, 2023

French startup Futura Gaïa is combining its knowledge in agronomy and new technologies to offer an indoor vertical farm system that allows the sustainable production of local, pesticide-free plants. A way to tackle several challenges, from water scarcity to food sovereignty, as CEO and founder Pascal Thomas explains.

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Bpifrance celebrates 10 years of supporting French SMEs

juillet 04, 2023

As part of Bpifrance’s 10th anniversary celebrations, Bpifrance organised an event on 31 May to mark 10 years of support for French SMEs, including a major conference on « NPBIs: what role in a changing world? ».

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HealthTech: French companies tap into data and AI to become world leaders in medical innovation 

mai 30, 2023

Digital health is a booming sector, with the use of artificial intelligence and data-powered technologies growing among healthcare professionals and facilities. These tech solutions are expected to play a central part in building the future of medicine: delivering more personalized care, detecting pathologies at early stages, reducing care expenses, and empowering patients.

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