French Entrepreneurs Develop Apps To Visit France Differently

août 23, 2022

In the digital area, French entrepreneurs have invented new apps to discover French cities differently. Three startups, Honoré vous guide, Rewind and Jooks, took up this challenge and offer unusual way to visit places.

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The Wine Industry Is Raising Its Glass to NFTs

juillet 01, 2022

Driven by a young generation of wine producers and established experts with a digital appetite, non fungible tokens have recently entered the wine market. How can something so tangible make it into a digital world? We met two French startups using web3 to revolutionize the wine industry.

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After Opening an Office In Casablanca, Bpifrance Brings Together Mediterranean Business Ecosystems Through Inspire & Connect

juin 27, 2022

After holding Inspire & Connect Africa in Abidjan last year, Bpifrance returns on July 4th with a new edition dedicated to Mediterranean countries. It is the very first international event of Bpifrance’s last opened office in Casablanca.

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AIOLOS, the French-German project of artificial intelligence for the early detection and response to respiratory virus epidemics

juin 22, 2022

French and German governments have launched the project AIOLOS in May 2022, after a call for projects aiming at boosting cooperation on artificial intelligence in different sectors, including healthcare.

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“Growing Together” Event Celebrates A Unique Model Of Development Of European Capital Investments In Athens

mai 25, 2022

Last 4th of April, Bpifrance, the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) and the Hellenic Development Bank of Investments (HDBI) co-organised “Growing Together” to strengthen their cooperation on today and tomorrow’s challenges on key sectors.

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How The European Union Support Business Growth: French Entrepreneurs Testify

mai 06, 2022

As France holds the Presidency of the European Union for 6 months, how do French entrepreneurs benefit from the European Union and Bpifrance supportive schemes in their ambition to develop on the European market?

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Bpifrance Supports The Digital Transformation Of French Companies With The France Num Guarantee

avril 20, 2022

Launched in 2021 and operated by Bpifrance, the “France Num” guarantee (Prêt France Num) helps French companies in their digital transformation.

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La French Care, The New Community That Cares About The French Healthcare Ecosystem

mars 21, 2022

In February 2022, Bpifrance and the French Care Support Movement launched a new community, La French Care, bringing together French healthcare players.

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Bpifrance Model As Seen By Its Executive Board

mars 18, 2022

The French Presidency of the European Union is the occasion to focus on Bpifrance model, its singularity, and its role among European institutions. Who else than its executive committee and its CEO to describe it?

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Institutions’ Role To Help Deep Tech Companies Address Major Challenges Of The 21st Century

mars 08, 2022

In October 2021, the IFC (Worldbank Group) and Bpifrance have published a note on the challenges and opportunities that deeptech startups face when it comes to funding. This note is the opportunity to remind the key role played by institutions in this sector, including Bpifrance.

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