Le French Fab Tour breaks down preconceptions about the French industry

octobre 15, 2021

La French Fab, the community of the French industry, also has its own tour around France! It will make its final stop next week, October 21st, in Toulouse. The opportunity to promote the French industry dynamism through its international ambitions.

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Big, a day to explore the world’s business trends

octobre 05, 2021

This year again, Bpifrance organizes Big, its biggest gathering in Europe dedicated to entrepreneurship. The event will take place at the Accor Arena in Paris on October 7th.

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Creative Lab takes 7 creative French companies across the Rhine

septembre 28, 2021

Following the example of the “Culture Tech Days” and the “Museum Meet-up 2.0” which took place in 2020 in Germany and Austria respectively, Bpifrance and Business France decided to set up the first edition of the “Creative Lab” mission.

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Bpifrance takes stock of the commercialization of its fund Bpifrance Entreprises 1

septembre 24, 2021

Bpifrance presented on June 24th the results of its first fundraising open to non-professional investors: Bpifrance Entreprises 1. Nearly €95 million were raised by the end of June 2021, three months before the scheduled closing date.

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Webinar: What new business opportunities are emerging in the Mediterranean area from the reorganization of global supply chains?

septembre 09, 2021

This third webinar on Turkey will take place on Thursday 16 September, 11am – 12.15pm (Paris time).

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BIG7: The 7th edition of Bpifrance Inno Generation

septembre 02, 2021

This 7th edition of BIG will be held on the 7th of October in Paris’ Accor Arena. Find more about the program!

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Le Big Tour, the Tour de France of entrepreneurship

août 02, 2021

July and August are the summer holidays in France. Le Big Tour joins holidaymakers in cities all along French coasts to promote French companies and entrepreneurship!

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2021, a record-breaking year for French unicorns

juillet 08, 2021

The first half of 2021 has been marked by significant fundraisings for French unicorns.  

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HealthTech Plan for the future of French biotech

juin 29, 2021

Situational analysis and possible solutions to further develop a decisive sector during the Covid-19 crisis.

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The climate bank: Bpifrance issues an inaugural green bond for €1.25bn

juin 29, 2021

Bpifrance has issued a green bond in line with its climate plan.

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