French Entrepreneurs Develop Apps To Visit France Differently

In the digital area, French entrepreneurs have invented new apps to discover French cities differently. Three startups, Honoré vous guide, Rewind and Jooks, took up this challenge and offer unusual way to visit places.

French Apps Aytpical Visits

France is the most visited country in the world since the 1990s according to the World Tourism Organization, travel guides must freshen up constantly their visits to keep being attractive. French startups have therefore decided to offer original experiences to their clients. Let’s discover three apps that will make you visit France in another way!


Honoré vous guides you to discover French pastry

Honoré vous guide was founded in April 2020 by Marion Thillou, a former marketing manager at Shell. The newly company offers food tours in Paris: you can relish delicious patisseries in the land of gastronomy. A digital app is also available to guide you, which allows a more customized experience. Other tours and more cities will be available in the future and will include specific diets including vegan and gluten free. Marilou Thillou wishes to “allow every food lover to taste this discovery and sharing experience. Digitalisation is necessary to be compatible with the uses of today and to give an unseen experience for the patisserie lovers”.


Go back in time with Rewind

Interested in historical anecdotes? Rewind should suit you. Created in 2018 by Julien Wouters and Gilbert Gaspard, the app makes you discover the secrets of the three biggest French cities: Paris, Lyon and Marseille, through unusual walks with historical facts to entertain you. Find out every detail about Montmartre, the history of Resistance in Lyon or the artists’ district Le Panier in Marseille, via your smartphone. Several European cities could be soon explored with Rewind, such as Rome or Barcelona. “The expectations of travellers are switching, they are looking for customization and self-reliance”. Explains Julien Wouters.


Try running while discovering with Jooks

Who says running wasn’t fun? Certainly not Christophe Minodier and Olivier Lebleu, the founders of Jooks. The idea of this app came in 2016 for the two French entrepreneurs. They had noticed that holidaymakers usually took with them training shoes without using it at all. Therefore, they decided to create digital means to visit places while exercising. 1 300 touristic guides have been created in more than 300 cities not only in France but in 50 countries. The app is also available in five continents. Jooks will offer specific routes during the Olympic Games of Paris in 2024.