Coppernic’s Mobile Solutions Improve Security Around The World

août 26, 2022

Watch the new episode of Explorers’ Words! In less than 3 minutes French Entrepreneurs sum up their firm’s experience abroad. Today’s guest is Kévin Lecuivre, chief executive of Coppernic.

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Panier des Sens: French Cosmetic Company Exports The Mediterranean Savoir-faire To The Other End Of The World

août 18, 2022

The new episode of Explorers’ Worlds is out! In these videos, French entrepreneurs share their experience abroad. In today’s video we are welcoming Jérôme Lambruschini, founder and CEO of Panier des Sens

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Eclatec lights up public spaces from South-Africa to Vietnam

juillet 13, 2022

Watch the new episode of Explorers’ Words! During a short video, French entrepreneurs share their Company’s experience abroad. In today’s episode we are welcoming Fabrice Juszczak, head of marketing of Eclatec.

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Lisaqua’s “Permaquaculture” Innovation, Bringing Virtuous Shrimps From Indoor Tanks To Plate

juin 01, 2022

Aiming for a more sustainable kind of aquaculture, Lisaqua is rolling out its technology inspired by “permaquaculture” to breed king prawns indoors, without any polluting discharge or antibiotics thanks to the creation of an ecosystem involving different marine species. The startup will soon open its first industrial-scale farm and plans to make a splash in the fresh shrimp market.

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MOVE ‘N SEE, The French Startup Selling Auto-Follow Cameras In 70 Countries

mai 13, 2022

French company MOVE ‘N SEE has designed robot cameraman models and auto-follow cameras that are finding success outside of France, and particularly in the U.S., as its CEO and founder Eric Willemenot explains.

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Picture Organic Clothing, the outdoor French brand that extends from the US to China

avril 27, 2022

A new episode of Explorers’ Words is now available! It is a testimony of French entrepreneurs who sell their products abroad. In today’s video we are welcoming Vincent André, co-founder of Picture Organic Clothing.

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Protechnic, French Heat Sealing Seduces The World

mars 31, 2022

Explorers’ Words are the testimonies of French entrepreneurs who succeed to sell their products abroad. They share with us some advice. In today’s video we are welcoming Emmanuel Roll, CEO of Protechnic.

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Plastitek, The French MidCap That Reached Worldwide Success With Industrial Moulds

mars 11, 2022

Explorers’ Words highlights the audacity of French entrepreneurs who succeeded to go abroad. They share their experience and give some advice. Today’s guest is Emmanuel Mauduit, Chairman of Plastitek.

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NAWA Technologies, Breakthrough Carbon Tech On The Road To Industrialization

février 11, 2022

French company NAWA Technologies, which has developed a unique carbon material to improve energy conversion, storage and efficiency, recently raised more than €18 million to industrialize its breakthrough nano-based solution. We met with Pascal Boulanger, co-founder and CTO of NAWA Technologies.

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Pinette P.E.I.: A 150-year-old worldwide firm specialized in production process and assembling

février 10, 2022

What is Explorers’ World? Short videos about French entrepreneurs sharing their international success. Today we are welcoming Jérôme Hubert, Chairman of Pinette P.E.I.

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