Picture Organic Clothing, the outdoor French brand that extends from the US to China

A new episode of Explorers’ Words is now available! It is a testimony of French entrepreneurs who sell their products abroad. In today’s video we are welcoming Vincent André, co-founder of Picture Organic Clothing.

Picture Organic

Three long-time friends from Clermont-Ferrand – in the centre of France – have created in 2008 Picture Organic Clothing, a snow and winter sports brand. This SME, member of La French Touch, produces clothes for lovers of thrilling outdoor leisure such as surfing and snowboarding tracksuits, gloves, hats and so on. As a member of Bpifrance community Le Coq Vert, the firm has ecological ambitions: they try as much as possible to conceive their clothes from respectful materials like organic cotton, and recycled polyester.


22 factories across the world

Since its creation, the company has opened 22 factories across the planet in Vietnam, in China, in Taiwan, in India, in Turkey and in France. 84% of their production come from 2 plants, the Li Lian factory in China and the Seyfeli plant in Turkey. France is not the only market targeted, the U.S. is also an important buyer, as they represent 3.5 million dollars of their turnover. Their American journey keeps growing, as their products were displayed in Saks Fifth Avenue’s window thanks to a mission organised by Bpifrance. Vincent André advises “not to be afraid of the barriers imposed by different ways of life, but go beyond language and cultural barriers, and barriers to travel in general”.

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