Cuir Corrugated Machinery, a solid French manufacturer monitoring risks and worldwide expansion

juillet 28, 2021

French Explorers’ Words share French entrepreneurs’ keys of success to explore the world, but also their challenges abroad and how they manage to export outside French frontiers. Today’s guest is Fabrice Val-Duprez, CEO of Cuir Corrugated Machinery, manufacturing for printing and cutting corrugated cardboard.

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Mademoiselle Desserts, the international and sustainable French pastries

juillet 13, 2021

Explorers’ Words are the testimonies of French entrepreneurs who have international ambitions. In today’s episode, Steve Ond Ond, Managing Director Netherlands of Mademoiselle Desserts, tell us more about the many projects of the company.

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Aerophile, the world leader of tethered balloons

juin 30, 2021

French Explorers’ Words highlight companies’ success stories abroad. They share their experience and advice for the next French Explorers. In today’s episode, Jerome Giacomoni, co-founder of Aerophile, tells us more about the innovative tethered balloons that made his company travels the world.

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French Explorers’ Words: Golden Bees, the new recruitment process that seduces Europe

juin 17, 2021

Explorers’ Words are the inspiring testimonies of French entrepreneurs who decided to have an international vision for their companies. Today’s words are from Fariha Shah, co-founder of Golden Bees.

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Jay and Joy: French made vegan creamery exporting internationally

juin 11, 2021

In our 6th episode, you will discover the first vegan creamery 100% French that seduced people internationally. Jay & Joy founded by Mary et Eric Jähnke started with the aspiration of becoming vegan but couldn’t give up on cheese.

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