Pinette P.E.I.: A 150-year-old worldwide firm specialized in production process and assembling

février 10, 2022

What is Explorers’ World? Short videos about French entrepreneurs sharing their international success. Today we are welcoming Jérôme Hubert, Chairman of Pinette P.E.I.

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Lydia, The Fast-Growing Fintech Unicorn That Puts Users First

février 04, 2022

Lydia has joined France’s growing stable of unicorns, securing a $103 million investment round in December to reach the prized $1 billion threshold. Founded in 2013 as a revolutionary P2P payment method via an app, the Fintech leader has since grown to encompass a full spectrum of financial services, from micro loans to stock and crypto trading.

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Expliseat Makes Planes Lighter to Reduce their Fuel Consumption

février 02, 2022

Explorers’ Words highlight the story of French entrepreneurs who decided to go abroad and have succeeded to expand their business. Benjamin Saada, co-founder and chairman of Expliseat is our guest today.

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Cooptalis: The French Firm Hiring And Guiding Future Employees

janvier 13, 2022

Explorers’ Words tell the success of French entrepreneurs who dared to turn global. They share their experience and some advice to future world explorers. In today’s episode we are meeting, Olivier Desurmont, CEO and co-founder of Cooptalis.

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AIT-STEIN Group: the French company supporting businesses in their energy transition

janvier 05, 2022

Explorers’ Words bring to light the success of French entrepreneurs who decided to go abroad. Today we are welcoming Philippe Granié, Managing Director of AIT-STEIN Group.

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Swile: The French Payment Card Unicorn Expands In Latin America

décembre 20, 2021

Swile recently reached unicorn status after raising $200 million, just four years after its launch. The French startup, which provides a payment card for digital meal vouchers and other employee benefits to companies, is now expanding its international presence as its Chief Operating Officer Grégory Gazagne explains.

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“Design Together”: try the French experience with Style and Design

décembre 08, 2021

Explorers’ Words emphasizes how French entrepreneurs throw themselves into exportation.  Today’s guest is Olivier Meyer, CEO of Style & Design which supports companies in their design process.

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Cristal Laser: a French crystal company supplies laser operators all over the world and space

novembre 18, 2021

Explorers’ Words highlight French entrepreneurs’ success stories abroad. Today’s guest is Dominique Lupinski, owner of Cristal Laser, which synthesizes crystals that have optical properties for lasers.

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FSE: French Hospital equipments’ growing worldwide

novembre 03, 2021

Explorers’ Words highlight French entrepreneurs’ success stories abroad. Today’s guest is Raphaël de Tramasure, Associate Director of FSE Group, which is an integrator-engineer specialized in hospital equipment’s projects worldwide.

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Inotrem, The French Biotech Firm Fighting Sepsis, COVID-19 And Other Acute and Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

novembre 02, 2021

Founded in 2013, Inotrem is working on groundbreaking immunotherapies against life-threatening inflammatory syndromes. Backed by European and North American investors, as well as the French government, the biotech company is conducting a key phase of clinical trials on its lead drug candidate ‘nangibotide’ and working on other compounds that could save millions of lives. 

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