AIT-STEIN Group: the French company supporting businesses in their energy transition

Explorers’ Words bring to light the success of French entrepreneurs who decided to go abroad. Today we are welcoming Philippe Granié, Managing Director of AIT-STEIN Group.

17 AIT STEIN Miniature

This SME created in 1928 in the Eastern part of France, is a firm helping other companies to measure their carbon footprint. They assist organizations to reduce their carbon emissions and improve their energy efficiency. They guide clients throughout all the process, from the analysis to the installation of solutions, their recommendations are tailor-made: meaning, each client benefits from its own program.

Adjusting companies’ projects according to countries or their culture

AIT-STEIN has already designed 35, 000 solutions in 120 countries throughout the world. They gradually turned global and chose to explore first the bordering countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Spain. Then they crossed the Mediterranean Sea to go in North Africa, in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. They even made operations in Japan, in China, and in South America.

According to Philippe Granié, a clear strategy is the key to succeed abroad, you have “to really know what your mission is, in order to make it work in different cultures, or countries that have different convictions to yours”.

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