Expliseat Makes Planes Lighter to Reduce their Fuel Consumption

Explorers’ Words highlight the story of French entrepreneurs who decided to go abroad and have succeeded to expand their business. Benjamin Saada, co-founder and chairman of Expliseat is our guest today.


Expliseat, a firm specialized in aeronautics construction created in 2011, makes ultralight aircraft seats, made of carbo fiber. Their key-products, called TiSeats, are designed to be comfortable and sustainable. The seat pan, the accessories and the seat structure are made out of recycled carbon and are resistant to impacts damage. TiSeats can be customized for each client, as Expliseat’s designers offer a variety of dress cover material such as synthetic leather or natural leather.

The French SME is engaged towards net zero aviation. They assure that their TiSeats are 40% lighter than traditional seats, which represents 600 to 1200 kg weight saving on a single aisle. Since 2011, TiSeats allow an annual reduction of aviation emissions of CO2 by 1 to 5% thanks to lighter seats.

A French aeronautic constructor flying worldwide

Expliseat’s technology is innovative. “It’s a technical feat, we’re the only ones in the world that do this” underlines Benjamin Saada. as a result, airlines from all over the world are interested in their seats. Their products are particularly present in Asia, “where there is a very strong sensitivity to air pollution, therefore the reduction of CO2 emissions from aircraft” according to the co-founder of the SME.

North America also represents a large part of their business, where they have sold their first installation to Boeing in 2020, for example.

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