Pinette P.E.I.: A 150-year-old worldwide firm specialized in production process and assembling

What is Explorers’ World? Short videos about French entrepreneurs sharing their international success. Today we are welcoming Jérôme Hubert, Chairman of Pinette P.E.I.


Pinette P.E.I. is an engineering industrial group, created in 1863 by Gustave Pinette, and specialized in production process and assembling. They offer standard or tailor-made equipment for aeronautic, space, car, and energy companies among others. They design and deliver basic materials windmill blades for example. This Burgundy firm also grows in the leisure industry: they provide thermoforming lines dedicated to composite kayak production.

A Burgundian industry that conquered the world

“We cover all countries except Central Africa” explains Chairman Jérôme Hubert. Their international presence is indeed quite impressive. Indeed, their international presence have grown over the years. Since 1998, date of creation of their first branch, they have developed subsidiaries in the United States of America (1998), in Germany (2008), and in Singapore (2015). Besides, they also have opened sale offices in Russia, in India, in Taiwan, in Israel, in China, and in the United Kingdom. Their international expansion allows them to get closer to their clients.

Jérôme Hubert encourages French entrepreneurs to go abroad on the condition of being guided. “Don’t go alone. Focus on identifying agents that are familiar with the local culture. Above all, don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid” concludes the Chairman of Pinette P.E.I.

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