Cristal Laser: a French crystal company supplies laser operators all over the world and space

Explorers’ Words highlight French entrepreneurs’ success stories abroad. Today’s guest is Dominique Lupinski, owner of Cristal Laser, which synthesizes crystals that have optical properties for lasers.

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Cristal Laser was founded in Lorraine by Dominique Lupinski and his associate Philippe Villeval in 1990. Cristal Laser is selling its lasers worldwide in several areas such as the medical, the military, the industrial and the spatial field. They create numerous products: non-linear optics (LBO crystal, KTA crystal and RTP crystal), electro-optic products (RTP Pockels cell, ETP pairs and RTP modulator), ceramic products. Since the beginning in 1990s they have sold more than 10, 000 products around the world.

Going abroad: a key to succeed

Cristal Laser has served more than 40 countries in the world since 1990, It is present “wherever there are laser operators” according to Dominique Lupinski . Going abroad was a successful idea for Cristal Laser as “80% of [their] turnover comes from export”.

Cristal Laser did not settle for taking over the Earth but has also conquered space: they have worked with NASA over the rover that landed on Mars, Perseverance, in February 2021. Their crystals have been used in the SuperCam system in Perseverance.

Dominique Lupinski encourages French companies to go abroad: “high technology is highly appreciated [worldwide], because in France, we’ve been able to combine science and engineering”.

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