Coppernic’s Mobile Solutions Improve Security Around The World

Watch the new episode of Explorers’ Words! In less than 3 minutes French Entrepreneurs sum up their firm’s experience abroad. Today’s guest is Kévin Lecuivre, chief executive of Coppernic.


Coppernic was founded in Aix-en-Provence, in Southern France, in 2008. The SME creates mobile devises and solutions to improve property and people security. The company sells small tablet computers or cell phones to secured entities such as airports or even governments as well as helping the confirmation and the selling of electronic tickets. Coppernic’s items can be used to check passengers’ identity by customs. Therefore, you may have already been in contact with one their products.


Coopernic’s solutions at the service of Ghana

Coppernic’s product is used in France by several public transports such as the RATP (the main subway transportation system of Paris) as well as by foreign countries. They have worked for Ghana’s government for presidential and legislative elections in 2012, in 2014 and in 2016. For these occasions their specific biometrical solutions have allowed the identity check of every Ghanaian. Kévin Lecuivre advises “to find the right people, the right local partners to have cultural and business roots in the country concerned”.

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