Aerophile, the world leader of tethered balloons

French Explorers’ Words highlight companies’ success stories abroad. They share their experience and advice for the next French Explorers. In today’s episode, Jerome Giacomoni, co-founder of Aerophile, tells us more about the innovative tethered balloons that made his company travels the world.

Up to 300 meters above the ground, Aerophile’s balloons let Jerome Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi, its founders, see the world differently. Since 1993, this point of view is maybe what makes them have so many new innovative ideas, but also make them look far throughout all continents. 


Seeing the world from above for innovative perspectives

Aerophile balloons offer a unique experience to visitors. Behind this experience, real innovations that the companies have patented. That’s how Jerome Giacomoni and Matthieu Gobbi, the founders of Aerophile, and their team have created the very first flying bar in the world, the Aerobar. An attraction that was first used in the Futuroscope Park, and that can now be bound in Asia, in Middle East, and in Latin America. Aerophile’s tethered balloons are now floating over 37 countries, in all continents.

Aerophile’s technologies are also designed to be non-polluting and completely silent. These environmental-friendly balloons also contribute to measuring the air quality of big city like Paris, and indicate in real time the level of pollution by changing colors. The Ballon Generali de Paris’ envelope is self-cleaning and contribute to eliminating pollution. Another technology that reached other countries: a similar balloon is also installed in Krakow (Poland).


Up to 1 million visitors each year

If these balloons can be used by companies for advertising and a better visibility, most of them are seen in theme parks, zoos, and other touristic spots such as the temples of Angkor in Cambodia. Aerophile even created the first aerial park in the world, Aeroprince, with a Little Prince theme.

Bpifrance has been supporting Aerophile since the beginning when it was still known as Oseo. “Bpifrance has been a longstanding love story […]. At each stage of our company’s growth, Bpifrance was there for us. […] I’m also very proud that Bpifrance is a shareholder of my company” said Jerome Giaocomoni. Aerophile is also part of Bpifrance Excellence, a community that gathers the jewels of the French economy.


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