For more responsible businesses, Bpifrance and Mots-Clés make the notion of “reason to believe” more accessible

Bpifrance and its partner Mots-Clés are joining forces and publish a practical guide to raise awareness among business leaders about the concept of reason to believe and Companies with a Mission, concepts recently introduced through the 2019 PACTE Law.

Raison D Etre Reason To Believe Bpifrance (2)

While 61% of French people believe that companies are the best suited to successfully implement social or environmental progress, ahead of the State or associations, we note that only 15% of companies would be willing to include societal or environmental objectives in their statutes.

Considering this huge difference in perception, Bpifrance and Mots-Clés have decided to create a new practical guide to present the reason to believe in a new light in order to clarify the issue for entrepreneurs. “Only a handful of companies have adopted a reason to believe: it is to help them take action that we are publishing this practical guide” said Raphaël Haddad, Founder and Associate Director of Mots-Clés.

In concrete terms, the reason to believe not only leads to positive changes, but also gives meaning to the mission of employees, as well as providing elements of strategy and commercial arguments that can be reused in marketing strategies. This guide has two objectives: “First, to make it easier to understand the reason to believe and the company with a mission, about which there has been a lot of talk in the media without necessarily understanding the ins and outs for an SME or an ETI. And also, to respond to the expectations of managers who would like to engage in such an approach and rely on good practices to conduct this introspective work” .

Bpifrance also undertook the exercise for the occasion, resulting in a raison d’être: “It is to enable entrepreneurs to dare to grow in order to serve the future.”