Panorama 2021: an overview of Bpifrance and its partners’ actions on French entrepreneurs’ export activity

octobre 25, 2022

Bpifrance export division has recently released its annual “Panorama” to share its 2021 activity. Here’s a review of the key figures, the major export solutions, and how Bpifrance works hand in hand with the rest of Team France Export’s members to support French exporters.

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2022 Survey: What Do French Intermediate-Sized Companies Expect?

octobre 20, 2022

Bpifrance Le Lab shared last June the results of its annual survey on mid-sized companies. 52% of them expect an increase in their turnover in 2022.

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Greentech Startups: France Hits European Records In Fundraising

août 05, 2022

During Jour E event on the 5th of April, Bpifrance unveiled a study on the French Greentech ecosystem. Despite these startups remaining young, France ranks among the best countries in Europe in terms of fundraising, revealing a high growth potential.

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Conclusions of the Council of the European Union about Export Credits

juin 17, 2022

Bpifrance organized a conference on May 19th about the future of export credits in Europe and delegations from the 27 EU countries participated.

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To What Extent Intangible Capital Is A Decisive Element For Companies’ Competitiveness?

avril 08, 2022

Intangible capital has positive impacts on companies’ competitiveness, a study led by Bpifrance suggests.

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For more responsible businesses, Bpifrance and Mots-Clés make the notion of “reason to believe” more accessible

septembre 10, 2021

Bpifrance and its partner Mots-Clés are joining forces and publish a practical guide to raise awareness among business leaders about the concept of reason to believe and Companies with a Mission, concepts recently introduced through the 2019 PACTE Law.

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2021 Survey of French mid-cap companies: “ETIs” are optimistic

juillet 21, 2021

Bpifrance Le Lab has recently released its last survey of French intermediate-sized companies. Here’s an overview.

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France, the most attractive country for foreign investments in Europe

juillet 19, 2021

For the third year in a row, France is the leading destination for foreign investments in Europe despite the Covid-19 crisis.

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Barometer of the international activity of French companies: 86% of French companies are back on the export market

mai 12, 2021

Team France Export publishes today its « Barometer TFE » based on 7,400 interviews conducted between October 1, 2020 (launch of the Export Recovery Plan within the framework of France Relance) and April 30, 2021, by « International » TFE advisors in all regions.

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