Jay and Joy: French made vegan creamery exporting internationally

In our 6th episode, you will discover the first vegan creamery 100% French that seduced people internationally. Jay & Joy founded by Mary et Eric Jähnke started with the aspiration of becoming vegan but couldn’t give up on cheese.

Explorers' Words give a voice to French entrepreneurs and their company’s experience abroad. They share their testimonies, their successes, and how Bpifrance helped them through this international journey. Their advice may help other French entrepreneurs to explore worldwide opportunities and broaden their horizons!

France and Germany are friendly countries with a rich history.

In Europe, you can find Jay&Joy’s products in Belgium at Bio-Planet and Biostory, in the Netherlands at Eko-Plaza, Germany at LPG Biomarkt, Vollcorner Biomarkt, and a selection of independent organic and/or vegan shops and of course in France.

They chose to explore Germany because it is a huge vegan market: Jay&Joy makes plant-based products, that are appreciated in this part of Europe and that seduced German consumers since day one. “When it comes to export to Germany: it's a bit like in a couple, you have to love yourself, you have to appreciate yourself…But you also have to get to know the other, to love them, to appreciate their qualities and differences,” affirms, Eric Jähnke.

Bpifrance helped Jay&Joy with their export approach and gave them the courage to hire people, to explore the German market with French-made products, as a caution of quality.