FSE: French Hospital equipments' growing worldwide

Explorers’ Words highlight French entrepreneurs’ success stories abroad. Today’s guest is Raphaël de Tramasure, Associate Director of FSE Group, which is an integrator-engineer specialized in hospital equipment’s projects worldwide.

FSE Group is trying to improve people’s access to healthcare, especially in countries where the system is not very developed yet. FSE Group has launched its activities in 1998 and has succeeded to manage 300 projects around the world since. Their A to Z projects cover the acquisition of equipment to the delivery of materials, as well as every service related to security and maintenance.  

An international vision right from the beginning

FSE Group has been setting up worldwide since the company’s launch. They first started in Africa in three countries in 1998: Burkina Faso, Niger, and Ghana. Their actions in this continent have never stopped growing since that year and now cover 30 countries in Africa. They are not only proceeding in one continent but in three other: in Asia since 2003 with Laos, in Europe since 2010 with Albania and in America since 2012 with Haiti. In 2020, they succeeded to develop themselves in Bolivia. In 20 years, their geographic presence went from 3 to more than 30 countries.

Even though their international dimension goes without saying, Raphaël de Tramasure underlines that it takes times to export: “you have to be patient when you go abroad, success won’t be immediate”. However, with some help “the world is your oyster!”


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