“Design Together”: try the French experience with Style and Design

Explorers’ Words emphasizes how French entrepreneurs throw themselves into exportation.  Today’s guest is Olivier Meyer, CEO of Style & Design which supports companies in their design process.

Style and Design is a French company created in 2010 which helps their clients to develop their products design. They have worked with customers of several sectors such as transportation, defence, boating and luxury. Prestigious firms have required their skills: Hermès appealed to Style and Design to improve the design of their autumn/winter shop window in 2016.

Having a clear strategy is the key to succeed abroad

They have spread commercial activities in a few countries: all around Europe, in Germany, England, Italy and Spain, and in Asia, in Japan and South Korea. Their presence in that continent was strengthen by a company takeover, which allowed it to take control over its subsidiaries in China. However, they had been exposed to some difficulties on their way to exportation.

“They weren’t suitably organised in order to fulfil [their] ambitions for international development” says Olivier Meyer, therefore they had to revise their strategy before internationalising the company.

Olivier Meyer encourages French firms to go abroad “with a real strategy and product differentiation” otherwise it would be extremely delicate to conquer the world.

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