Covid 19 : Bpifrance emergency plan

Coronavirus: Bpifrance boosts its support for companies impacted by the economic consequences of the epidemic and launches new emergency measures 

During this unprecedented period, Bpifrance is 100% behind all companies hit by Covid-19 storm. In order to alleviate the cash flow difficulties of companies whose activity is impacted by the Coronavirus epidemic. Bpifrance has rolled out new measures for very small businesses, SMEs and mid-caps. Bpifrance has also set up a toll-free number and an online questionnaire to provide entrepreneurs with information and support from the Bpifrance network all across the country. 


Details of the emergency measures for businesses impacted by the Coronavirus epidemic:


The level of the Bpifrance guarantee is raised to 90%, in partnership with the banks and the French Regions: 
– For 3 to 7 year loans granted by private banks
– For overdrafts approved by the company's bank for periods of 12 to 18 months
– The Bpifrance guarantee is available to mid-cap companies 


Bpifrance’s direct support to increase companies’ cash flow: 
- Unsecured 3 to 5-year loans from 10,000 euros to 5 million euros for SMEs and 30 million euros for large caps. These loans will include a grace period for repayment; 

– Suspension of the payment of maturities for Bpifrance loans as of 16 March.
– Mobilisation of all credit claims, accompanied by a current-account credit line corresponding to 30% of the volumes mobilised;

More details on and implementation of all these exceptional measures are available, for all our French-speaking readers, on