Activity report: Bpifrance injected €45 billion into the economy in 2020

In 2020, Bpifrance mobilized all businesses to deal with the crisis and established itself as the operator of the company's recovery plan.

Loans, equity, subsidies, grants, and guarantees...Bpifrance injected 45 billion euros into the French economy in 2020 without considering the state-guaranteed loans (PGE), thus becoming the operator of the company's business recovery plan and vigorously promoting the investment market.

Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of Bpifrance, shared on Radio Classique on the 4th of February 2021: "We have experienced very strong growth in all business areas (especially in consulting). The demand for services on these topics is very large." Event report.

Looking back at the numbers for the year marked by the Covid-19 health crisis :


2020: key figures 

- 6.2bn in guaranteed loans to more than 40,000 companies

- 110.6 Bn € of PGE

- 50 M€ mobilized, alongside regional partners, to support and finance the creation of new companies.

- 10.3bn in medium and long-term loans (+27%) and €7.1bn in short-term financing

- 3bn in aid and funding for innovation (+138%)

- 3.6bn of investment in innovation capital, development capital, and funds of funds and €1.1bn of disposals

- 14.9bn deployed to support companies abroad

- 430 new businesses accelerated


PGE, Recovery Plan, Climate Plan... The highlights of 2020 

As the activity of Bpifrance is wide, here is what can be kept in mind from this year 2020 spent by the side of the entrepreneurs:

  • In 2020, Bpifrance will become an EMP operator, managing 630,000 new guarantee lines.
  • The medical crisis is an opportunity for Bpifrance to accelerate its financial technology transformation, especially by creating an EMP platform and launching a "digital rebound loan" for VSE and SME (long-term, zero interest rate, guarantee, free financing through regional funds). Distribution platforms established in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Ile-de-France, Ile-de-France and French overseas territories (Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique) have enabled the distribution of loans of 275 million euros.
  • As part of the Recovery Plan, Bpifrance managed a number of projects on behalf of New York State to support companies in strategic sectors (aviation, automotive) to make industrial investments and to make investments to ensure critical supply and support industrial investment projects in the region. The mobilization of the team has made it possible to raise 420.5 million euros for 512 companies.
  • The release of Bpifrance's LAC1 fund also marks the year. It plans to provide long-term support for French-listed multinational companies with 4.3 billion euros (including subscriptions of more than 3.3 billion euros and 1 billion euros in debt). Approximately 20 subscribers attended the first closing ceremony, including Mubadala Investment Company, Abu Dhabi Sovereign Fund, major French and international institutions, and French companies and family offices.