Launch of the “Bpifrance Entreprises Avenir 1” fund

Bpifrance is extending its range of investment solutions for individual investors with "Bpifrance Entreprises Avenir 1" (BEA1) and lowering the entry ticket to €1,000. The bank is enabling non-professional investors to invest indirectly alongside it and under the same conditions, by acquiring equity stakes, mainly in unlisted French and European companies. Following the successful fundraising

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Co-invest alongside Bpifrance”

The « Bpifrance Entreprises Avenir 1 » fund, with a target size of €50 million, will systematically co-invest alongside Bpifrance (via one of its managed funds, the France Investissement VI fund) on similar terms in a dozen funds selected according to predefined criteria: underlying funds with a maximum life of 12 years, a target size of at least €150 million and for which Bpifrance will commit a minimum unit amount of €20 million.

Investors can subscribe to the BEA1 fund for a period of 12 months from 19 April 2023. BEA1’s portfolio will be made up of development capital funds (at least 60% of the total) and venture capital and growth capital funds (at most 40% of the total).

Longer (10 years, extendable by two years) and riskier (the capital will have to be deployed and the portfolio therefore remains to be built up) than the two previous funds (BE1 & BE2), « BEA1 » will aim for a net annual return of around 8%. It should be emphasized that this return target is not guaranteed and is only a management objective. In particular, the BEA 1 fund presents a risk of capital loss and investors could lose all or part of the amounts invested, without any recourse against Bpifrance Investissement.

BEA 1 is entirely accessible online, where private individuals interested to invest can follow the steps on a platform provided for this purpose and also through several French life insurance companies