French Explorers’ Words: Pocket Result, the French software that integrates data in decision-making

Explorers’ Words are the testimonies of French companies that have a worldwide vision, entrepreneurs that seek new opportunities outside their frontiers. Successes, challenges, Bpifrance’s support, … They share everything about their worldwide adventure. In today’s episode, Maÿlis Staub shares her own experience with her company, Pocket Result.


Big Data can talk, and it says a lot. With this idea, Maÿlis Staub founded Pocket Result in 2013. Now, the Parisian company aims at simplifying managers’ work by using Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions. Through a One Size Fits One approach, Pocket Result contributes to develop opportunities for the growth of companies from all around the world. Maÿlis Staub is our guest for this new episode of Explorers’ Words, and she tell us more about her company and how she managed to sell her solutions abroad.


Pocket Result gives a voice to companies’ data

From a start-up to a scale-up. With its tailormade business intelligence solutions for all types of companies, Pocket Result has quickly gained customer trust. Its software represents a real time saver as it sheds light on data and gives real insights, that can then be used to ameliorate project management through automatization, detect new KPIs, improve ROI, etc.

The software thus reveals the importance of artificial intelligence in the decision-making process. It helps companies take the right decision by translating data in tangible goals, with a result-centric point of view. It can be applied in many fields such as retail, marketing, sales, finance, supply chain, human resources or project management.

Furthermore, Pocket Result is labelled French Tech, which is Bpifrance’s label for innovative and promising tech companies, and is an Excellence member, Bpifrance’s network for entrepreneurs. More than that, Maÿlis Staub, Pocket Result’s CEO, is an ambassador for the Excellence’s community representing the Ile de France region.


The French software that travels the world

In 2019, Pocket Result takes another step further. Today, the company does not only operate in France, but also in 3 continents, with 4 offices abroad, helping 150 companies in more than 40 countries. For Maÿlis Staub, this international dimension “is essential for a B2B software editor”.

Budget is often one of the many challenges companies faces when going abroad. A challenge that was not really one for Pocket Result. “Thanks to Bpifrance and Business France’s support, everything concerning cash flow and advance funding is no longer an issue. […] Thanks to these support measures, you can become super agile”, says Maÿlis Staub.

Pocket Results also contributes to promote French young adults’ employment, either in France territories through the VTE program, either elsewhere in the world through the VIE program.


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