French Explorers’ Words: Cryla Group’precision engineering expertise all around the world

Explorers’ Words give a voice to French entrepreneurs and their company’s experience abroad. They share their testimonies, their successes, and how Bpifrance helped them through this international journey. Their advice may help other French entrepreneurs to explore worldwide opportunities and broaden their horizons!


Cryla Group, 70 years of high-precision engineering

Cryla was founded in 1951 in Besançon, French capital of watchmaking. The company first chose to operate in this sector, but later expanded its activities towards aeronautics. Since 2009, Thierry Bisiaux manages Cryla Group and keeps finding new opportunities to develop the company. One of them is the medical sector, and Cryla now designs and produces components, equipment, and microsystems used for medical devices. 

Today, Cryla Group is a major player in its main sector, which is the precision engineering industry. It also offers an expertise in precision cutting technologies and in high-precision machining. The company is an important subcontractor for aeronautics, the space industry and for the defense sector.

In 2020, Cryla Group joins Bpifrance Excellence, a network that gathers 5,000 French companies recommended by our account managers for their performances, the quality of their offer and their high growth potential. Cryla also took part in the 2020 promotion of the French SMEs Accelerator, one of Bpifrance’s accelerator programs which accompany and support French companies in their development.


Cryla spread its wings towards international horizons

With such a potential and expertise, Cryla Group wants to broaden its horizons and starts having an international view. Along with its 5 subsidiaries in France, Cryla also developed a subsidiary in Tunisia during the pandemic, which Thierry Bisiaux, the CEO, is very proud of: “The achievement that is really at the center of everything is our association with Tunisia. […] We have a partner who is extremely active and it’s a whole network [we’re working with][…]. Everything was well coordinated, there is team spirit and great consistency within the project.”  Cryla has also recently signed for a prospecting mission in Germany with the Saarbrücken Chamber of Commerce.

Thierry Bisiaux concludes with encouraging words for other French entrepreneurs to spread their wings and explore international horizons: “The world is your oyster! […] Above all, human relations are the basis of everything we do.”


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