Working at Bpifrance: how international account managers contribute to boosting French companies abroad

Bpifrance has a wide range of offers, providing solutions in accordance with entrepreneurs’ needs. The international horizon is well represented too, as many workers here are committed to accompanying French companies abroad.

Boosting French companies abroad is one of the many roles of international account managers. Guillaume Vaultier, international account manager for the Centre-Val de Loire region, told us more about his missions at Bpifrance.


The role of the international account manager at Bpifrance

For Guillaume Vaultier, being an international account manager means boosting companies abroad, no matter their size. His role is to understand each company’s needs and strategies to give them the best solutions, whether they are developed by Bpifrance or by other partners.

The international account manager is thus an expert on all the solutions Bpifrance offers (guarantees, financing, consulting, insurance, accelerator programs, …). They also stay in close relations with Team France Export (that gathers Business France, CCI France, the government, and Bpifrance) and other partners such as French Foreign Trade Advisors.


Keeping close ties with French entrepreneurs through the international account manager

Bpifrance always keeps strong ties with French companies by helping them at each new step they make. International account managers follow companies’ development abroad, but prospecting remains one of their main roles. They always try to find look for/ identify companies that are still not aware of the many doors that Bpifrance can open them. For companies that are already internationalized, the international account managers can guide them towards other offers that could help them further develop opportunities abroad, such as exchange risk insurance or buyer credit.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the international account manager also must give companies abroad more information and visibility on international markets. A mission that would not be possible without Bpifrance representatives abroad, and without the Team France Export, including Business France and its many several offices all around the world.

Bpifrance keeps accompanying French companies by providing them prioritization and targeted studies, but also projection solutions adapted to the (more and more digitalized) context, thanks to the Prospecting Insurance.

Like Guillaume Vaultier, Bpifrance is committed to French entrepreneurs and their international success!