International Accelerator

The International Accelerator, designed in partnership with Business France, aims to boost the export growth of companies that already have a strong international presence, by transforming their strategy into a plan of attack. 


Using a common model for accelerator, the International Accelerator provides 18 months of support to 40 SMEs and ISEs selected for their international development and growth potential. Developed in close collaboration with Business France, this customised programme relies on training provided by international experts, consulting that includes a strategic phase with a selection of target destinations, an operational roadmap definition phase based on the chosen destination, personalised coaching to ensure that the company properly implements the international action plan, and relationship building to develop a network of international contacts.

The programme’s goals include:

• Identifying international growth challenges in order to guide business in the most relevant markets

• Leveraging areas of growth through the creation of a plan of attack for each destination

• Building a strong network that promotes knowledge sharing among executives from internationally successful SMEs and ISEs


Grégoire Caner Chabran

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Who is it for?

The International Accelerator is a programme dedicated to companies that already have an international presence, generate at least 10% of their revenue from exports, and want to grow their business internationally.

How to benefit from this product or activity

Companies are identified and selected jointly by Bpifrance and Business France based on growth and performance criteria.