Call for projects between France and Germany on artificial intelligence technologies.

The Call for projects between France and Germany on artificial intelligence technologies for risk prevention, crisis management, and resilience is open.  

After signing the "Aachen Treaty" on January 22, 2019, France and Germany have taken a solid step to position themselves as the driving force behind European artificial intelligence cooperation. 

This mechanism will support bilateral projects related to the development of AI technology: to make significant progress in the prevention of crises in the following areas: 


  • Health: early detection of epidemics, understanding of the spread of viruses in infrastructure, simulation of containment and containment strategies, virtual testing of vaccines, etc.; 


  • Economy: anticipate the impact of containment measures and optimize their implementation, automate production equipment, support temporary conversion of production lines, protect and optimize the supply chain, maintain remote contact with customers, etc. 


  • Environment: detect and prevent environmental crises, monitor CO2 emissions, protect biodiversity, combat soil artificialization, and rationally use agricultural inputs. 


This call for projects is part of the PSPC action of the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir (PIA) (subject to the publication in the JORF of the decree approving the specifications of the AAP). Applications are examined by the ministries concerned and by Bpifrance, under the coordination of the General Secretariat for Investment (SGPI). 

The nature of the anticipated project 

The expected R&D project will be led by a French-German consortium with a total budget of at least 4 million euros. Companies of all sizes and research partners can participate in the project solicitation activities. 

Support type 

The support provided by the state to the beneficiaries is in the form of grants (exempt from the framework plan of the announcement SA.58995). 


The solicitation for the French-German project will continue until noon on April 29, 2021. 

How to participate? 

The simplified application file will be submitted online on the external website of the innovation cooperation project at noon on April 29, 2021.