Le Big Tour, the Tour de France of entrepreneurship

July and August are the summer holidays in France. Le Big Tour joins holidaymakers in cities all along French coasts to promote French companies and entrepreneurship!

For this second edition, le Big Tour famous yellow trucks first settled in Etaples sur Mer, in the northern region of France, on July 16th. 23 other dates will follow until the last one on August 20th in Savines-le-Lac, in southeastern France. A tour all around the country to share French entrepreneurs’ energy!


Discover French entrepreneurship during holidays

From Berck-sur-Mer to Nice, le Big Tour trucks travel to promote the Made in France innovations of all sectors, from steel industries, to spectacle lens manufacturing or even ship building and ship repairing. Each Bpifrance community is represented: la French Fab for industries, la French Touch for cultural and creative industries, la French Tech for start-up ecosystems, and le Coq vert for green companies. Le Big Tour wants to reach families and a large public in general to make them discover the diversity of French companies through educational and entertaining activities, around SMEs innovations and products, sport teams, etc.


Every city also has its own Vive ta Ville edition, a live broadcasted show that invites local companies and actors to share their experience. But this is not the only show of the day! Each Big Tour date ends with a concert that lasts until 11PM, live broadcasted on YouTube, to further celebrate the French creative industry, but also to promote a field that suffered from the coronavirus crisis: live entertainment. After the first 6 dates, the Big Tour already gathered 7.5 million people digitally. And there will be many more to come!


Stay tuned on YouTube to follow le Big Tour all around France or meet us at one of the many stops!