Meeting of the Board of Directors of the Montreal Group

The Montreal Group is a forum created to foster peer-to-peer exchanges, identify best practices and innovative solutions on topics and/or products such as loan guarantees, financing of intangible projects, consulting services, access to international markets or governance, to name a few.

The Montreal group organized on May 26th, an annual meeting in the presence of 9 development banks including Bpifrance represented by Pascal Lagarde who heads the Montreal Group in addition to being the official representative of Bpifrance.

This official board of directors meeting allowed the various directors from all over the world to attend this forum from their homes, with the aim of exchanging and enriching their respective activities in support of SMEs and ETIs.

Indeed, during this forum, the members of the Board of Directors agreed to focus the group's future activities on assessing stimulus measures and inspiring each other to achieve faster economic growth, while supporting MSMEs as the main levers for growth.