Bpifrance special guest on the occasion of the CCEF plenary in El Salvador

The Bpifrance teams gathered on October 24th and 25th during a meeting with all the ambassadors of the Central America/Caribbean zone and the foreign trade advisers of France.


The main topic revolved around the projects of SMEs and midcaps to analyze investment opportunities in the country.

The exchanges between speakers and ambassadors were rich and constructive, those discussions allowed to take stock of the political situation but also to expose the various intervention solutions to resolve this.

Bpifrance collaborators present at this event, participated in a presentation panel of Bpifrance in front of renowned people such as ambassadors and business leaders.

The major stake of Bpifrance was to know a maximum of interested companies having projects on the zone, by creating link but especially by bringing a future support on all these projects being able to be the target of the foreign competition.

Bpifrance and the CCEFs that have always had good relationships and good partnerships will continue to work in close collaboration over the long term and plan several events following this forum: big projects to realise for the future.