InvestEU’s Industrial Loan

Bpifrance launched in March 2024 its Industrial Loan under the InvestEU Guarantee deployed by the European Commission to support the reindustrialization of France through Innovation.

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Bpifrance has been an implementing partner of the InvestEU program since 2022 to support sustainable investment, innovation and competitiveness for SMEs and mid-sized companies.

With this partnership, Bpifrance offers three types of solutions to companies, thanks to the 3 pillars of the InvestEU program, including the Industrial Loan-InvestEU, launched in March 2024.

The aim of Industrial Loan-InvestEU, 50% guaranteed by InvestEU, is to support France’s strategic ambition of reindustrialization through innovation. To this end, it can finance the industrial demonstrator phase, a pilot plant that bridges the gap between the functional prototype and the production plant, as well as the production plant, if this stage still involves a high technological and/or industrial risk, and subject to a justified leverage effect on up to 50% co-financing with private financial partners.

Our intervention can reach up to 15 million euros, over a maximum duration of 15 years, with a 3-year grace period.

It is specifically deployed by Bpifrance under the InvestEU Guarantee Agreement, signed with the European Commission on April 27th 2023 to guarantee these industrial loans.