Bpifrance, A Key Operator In French Investment Plan “France 2030”

On the 12 October 2021, an ambitious investment plan called “France 2030” has been presented by the French President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron. Bpifrance will play a major role and will be involved in the investment of industry firms.


“The France of tomorrow begins today” assures the French President of the Republic. Last October, Emmanuel Macron has announced a €34 bn investment plan, France 2030, following the French Recovery Plan “France Relance”. It pursues the government’s strategy in favor of investment, innovation and re-industrialization and should enable France to catch up in below sectors, create new industrial and technological areas and support the ecological transition in fields of excellence (energy, automotive, aeronautics and space).

France 2030 is expected to reach out several objectives:

  • Developing innovative small nuclear reactors in France by 2030, with better waste management properties.
  • Becoming a leader in green hydrogen.
  • Decarbonizing the French industry.
  • Getting nearly 2 million electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Producing the first low-carbon aircraft.
  • Investing in healthy, sustainable, and traceable food.
  • Improving healthcare in France, with a focus on fields such as oncology or chronic diseases.
  • Putting France at the forefront of cultural and creative content production.
  • Investing two billion euros for space and the seabed

€550 million in funding for industrialization projects

Bpifrance will be involved in “France 2030”, a program dedicated to supporting industrial startups. This program should allow the expansion of industrial companies in France, to achieve this purpose several tools will be set up:

  • A multi-year call for “first factory” projects opened with €550 million in funding for industrialization projects.
  • The creation of a successor fund to the former industrial project Fund (SPI) which will provide direct equity financing for the first industrialization of an innovative technology.
  • A €350 million National Industrial Venture Fund (funds of funds) to help develop venture capital funds capable of supporting start-ups in their industrialization.
  • Bpifrance will also provide loans between 3 and 15 million euros with a call for proposals to be launched in early March 2022 to finance industrial demonstrators or pilot plants.

More information about “France 2030” are available on the website of the French Government: https://www.gouvernement.fr/france-2030-un-plan-d-investissement-pour-la-france-de-demain