Entrepreneuriat Quartiers 2030: Transforming Neighborhoods into Territories of Opportunity

The “Entrepreneuriat Quartiers 2030” program was launched in 2023 to boost entrepreneurship in priority urban policy neighborhoods (“QPV”). Operated by Bpifrance and financed by the State and Caisse des Dépôts through Banque des Territoires, this program aims to support 100,000 new entrepreneurs by 2027, promoting economic inclusion with a budget of €456million over 4 years.

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Vivatech, CES Las Vegas, SXSW, Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence 2024… 4 AI Events to follow in 2024 with Bpifrance

For all AI enthusiasts, we have curated a list of four events to keep an eye on in 2024.

Big Media, Bpifrance’s media channel is following artificial intelligence (AI) for Tech entrepreneurs, business leaders, and project enthusiasts from all backgrounds, exploring its applications, challenges, and developments.

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Africa-France Entrepreneurs, the new EuroQuity community to promote co-entrepreneurship and co-innovation

After the Africa-France Summit in 2021, Bpifrance along with several other partners created the Africa-France Entrepreneurs community. Developed on the EuroQuity digital platform, it promotes and facilitates partnerships between African and French companies in a peer-to-peer logic. Today the community gathers about 200 members, and it continues to grow.

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