ELLIPSE : an example of how to mitigate the risk of entering new markets

Ellipse, a company specializing in comprehensive technological projects within the sectors of financing and construction of infrastructures, has successfully entered emerging markets through innovative solutions.


The instrumental role played by Bpifrance, the French financing and investment organization, was crucial in fostering Ellipse’s expansion and mitigating financial risks. By capitalizing on Bpifrance’s credit insurance mechanisms, Ellipse solidified its position in the international market and executed progressively substantial projects.

Ellipse adopted a distinctive strategy, exclusively focusing on exporting turnkey projects to emerging nations. This audacious global approach, sidestepping an initial phase in the French market, significantly contributed to Ellipse’s triumph. CEO Olivier Picard underscored the pivotal role of Bpifrance’s support, emphasizing that the company might not have survived without export credit insurance.

The exploration phase in extensive turnkey projects involves considerable investments. Bpifrance’s prospecting insurance enabled Ellipse to receive advances for commercial prospecting costs, a critical starting point for any project.

The buyer credit insurance provided by Bpifrance played a decisive role in Ellipse securing contracts and facilitating international transactions. This insurance, offering fixed advantageous rates, bestowed Ellipse with a competitive edge, particularly in operations in Senegal and other emerging nations.

Insurance for commitment guarantees emerged as a crucial tool for Ellipse in managing intricate projects. In the « e-gov » project in Indonesia, Ellipse inked a €165 million contract with the Indonesian Ministry of Information and Communication (KOMINFO) to establish the country’s inaugural sovereign data center. Bpifrance’s intervention, reassuring banks and covering the risk of unwarranted calls by foreign buyers for advance and performance guarantees, proved fundamental for project execution.

Ellipse’s financial collaboration with Bpifrance proved indispensable for the company’s expansion, enabling it to undertake projects surpassing its usual scale. With unwavering support from Bpifrance, Ellipse achieved a turnover of €130 million last year, including a project valued at nearly €400 million. This consistent financial backing from Bpifrance underscored its dedication to supporting Ellipse’s ambitious endeavors.