Unconditional guarantee

You are an aircraft supplier or its subsidiary, or a credit institution, and you would like to be covered against the risk of non-payment of a loan serving to finance export contracts for civil airplanes weighing more than 10 metric tons or helicopters weighing more than 1 metric ton, both on take-off

Unconditional guarantee


The 100% unconditional guarantee provides unconditional coverage of the risk of non-payment by the debtor of a loan financing an export contract for civil airplanes weighing more than 10 metric tons or helicopters weighing more than 1 metric ton, both on take-off.
This type of guarantee is provided under the OECD Arrangement, in accordance with the terms of the “Aircraft Sector Understanding” ASU.
Financed deals are export leases with recourse on the asset, calling on financing arrangements with limited recourse or, where applicable, mortgage lending transactions.
Claims are processed in a minimum of 15 days, plus an additional 5 days for technical review.

Cover is unconditional: there are no events of loss, as the risk covered is the risk of non-payment of the debt by the debtor, lessee (for a lease) or borrower (for a direct loan), whatever the reason of the non-payment is.

How much?
Administrative fees are charged to review insurance request.
Fees that could be incurred by Bpifrance Assurance Export (travel expenses, legal fees) are charged to the airline company or lessee.
The minimum premium depends on the applicable ASU agreement.


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