Strategic project insurance

You are a French company or a local subsidiary headquartered in France and acting in the transaction as a supplier, investor, operator, service provider, subcontractor, financier, customer or dealer. You want to cover transactions that do not fall under the Credit Insurance

Strategic project insurance


The Strategic Project Insurance covers operations that do not fall within the framework of Credit Insurance due to lack or absence of national content (or added value generated in France), or absence of export contract but which presents a strategic interest for the French economy, if at least one of the following criteria is fulfilled:
1. An essential sector for national security and the supply of energy and raw materials resources,
2. The Failure to complete the operation would represent a risk for the national economy, or any other sector,
3. Generate a competitive advantage for the country,
4. The development of the activity of French companies, penetration of a sectoral or geographic market with high growth potential
The overall amount of the transaction must be greater than € 10 million.

The Strategic Project Insurance covers the risk of non-payment following an event of loss from political, catastrophic, transfer or commercial origin, under a commercial contract, shareholder or bank loan in Euro, USD or other hard currencies.

How much?
The premium rate is determined on a case by case basis.


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