Strategic projects insurance

You are an investor or a bank seeking to cover your loan in a project having a strategic interest for French economy.

Strategic projects insurance


The Strategic Projects Insurance covers loans or contracts that have a strategic interest for French Economy.

It covers the risk of non-payment following an event of loss from political, catastrophic, transfer or commercial origin, under a commercial contract, shareholder loan or bank loan in Euro, USD or other hard currencies if at least one of the following criteria is fulfilled:

  1. Essential sector for national security and the supply of energy and raw materials resources,
  2. The Failure to implement the project would represent a risk for the national economy, an industry or an economic sector,
  3. Generates a competitive advantage for France,
  4. Development of business for French companies
  5. Penetration of a sectorial or geographic market with high growth potential

The overall amount of the transaction must be higher than € 10 million

The granting of the GPS must be essential to the completion of the operation.

How much?
The premium rate is determined on a case by case basis.


Strategic Projects Insurance26-09-2022
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