Enhanced guarantee

You are a credit institution holding a buyer credit covered by credit insurance and you would like to refinance the already covered loan at a better rate

Enhanced guarantee


An Enhanced Guarantee is an irrevocable and unconditional guarantee fully covering the refinancing institution against non-payment of the refinancing loan.
The guaranteed contract is the refinancing agreement concluded between the lending bank and the refinancing institution, for the purpose of refinancing one or more loan agreements covered by a credit insurance policy issued by Bpifrance Assurance Export. If the underlying contract ceases to exist (the credit insurance policy), the Enhanced Guarantee shall be cancelled.
The refinancing loan is issued in the same currency as the buyer credit. It may be denominated in EUR or USD and shall cover the entire commitment of the lending institution in respect of the underlying covered loan.

An Enhanced Guarantee is a 100% irrevocable and unconditional payment guarantee covering investors who provide necessary liquidity to banks financing export credits.

How much?
The premium rate is defined in accordance with the risk incurred by the lending institution and the term of the insured contract, and is applicable to the principal amount only.  
The fees incurred by Bpifrance Assurance Export during the review procedure are charged to the lending institution or the refinancing institution.


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