Working Capital Insurance

You are a French exporter and you need a working capital loan for your export contracts. You would like to obtain working capital loans from French banks and subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks established in France and/or in an EU country in order to conclude export contracts. 


Working Capital Insurance covers the lending bank against the risk of non-payment by a French exporter due to default or insolvency.
Working Capital Insurance is available in all countries (except certain prohibited countries or countries covered subject to conditions by the Credit Insurance policy in force).


Assurance-export Préfinancement

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All formalities are handled by the lending bank.
No premium is invoiced to the French exporter: Bpifrance Assurance Export shares the bank’s fees. 

How much?

The premium is payable monthly by the lending bank for each guaranteed loan, based on the covered amount of each drawdown reported by the bank, it being specified that the premium rate represents 90% of the rate invoiced by the bank to the French exporter.