Export Bond Insurance

You are a French exporter and you would like to issue bonds within your export contracts.
You would like bonds to be issued for your export contracts by French banks and subsidiaries or branches of foreign banks established in France and/or in an EU country, or by insurance companies.


Export Bond Insurance protects the issuer, in the event of a call of the bond by a foreign buyer, for any reason whatsoever, against the risk of default or insolvency of the French exporter.

This insurance fits with: 
• All types of “traditional” surety bonds, except offset bonds
• All currencies
• All countries (except certain prohibited countries)
• Bonds are guaranteed until full release, regardless the term of the bond


Assurance-Export Caution

Mail : Assurance-export-caution@bpifrance.fr


For French exporters, Export Bond Insurance facilitates the setting up of bonds and allows them to develop their export revenue without incurring additional costs.

For banks, Export Bond Insurance makes it possible to take more commitments while limiting their risks.

How much?

The premium is payable quarterly in advance by the issuer and for each line, based on the amount of commitments reported, up to the percentage covered.