Entrepreneur is a French word

France is the 5th largest economy in the world with a highly industrialized economy and a booming startup scene!

A Leading economy

Vibrant tech and innovation scene with more than 12,000 startups / 50% of 18-24 year old French people want to create their startup

Large networks of accelerators, incubators in French Tech hubs

Talented and dedicated researchers (25% of Fields medals since 1923)

Strong tax incentives for R&D (€5bn tax credit for R&D per year; #2 in Europe in international patents)

Access to 500 million consumers in the European single market

Strong CAC 40 a capitalization-weighted measure of the 40 most significant companies in France

Entrepreneur is a French word!

A Land of Startups

Welcoming start-ups from abroad with an entrepreneur-friendly environment:

Simplified procedures to make creating businesses as stress-free as possible, with the French Tech visa:

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A huge network of incubators and accelerators across France to help businesses thrive.

French start-ups want financing and they want it now

French start-ups managed to raise a mind boggling €3.2 billion euros in 2018, a record.

The average amount of tickets invested per round increased dramatically and was €4.8 million euros (this was €3.3 million the year before!)

Three rounds raised more than €100 million euros.

is a priority

In December of 2018 Bpifrance launched a deeptech plan worth €1.3 Billion.

France offers strong tax incentives for Research and Development.

2nd in Europe for the number of international patents.

A Highly industrialised economy and a strategic position

  • Luxury

    #1 in the World

  • Aeronautics

    #1 in Europe

  • Chemistry & food

    #2 in Europe

  • Aviation

    Home to Europe’s leading business aviation airport (Le Bourget) and have the 2nd longest high-speed rail network in Europe.

A deep Talent pool

  • Some of the best business schools in the world
  • Among the best engineers and CTOs in the World come from France
  • #4 leading host country in the world for foreign nationals enrolled in higher education
  • Access to 1.6 million scientists and engineers in France

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